The Double Under

People love them and people hate them. What seems like a simple movement that we learned as kids, can really send us into a world of anguish in the middle of a workout.
There are endless blog posts with tips on how to get your first DU and plenty more about how to improve your technique and efficiency. In the end, practice, practice, practice is the primary component to getting your DU’s. BUT…are you practicing with YOUR OWN rope?? Working with a rope that is properly sized for you, is a huge factor in getting, maintaining, and improving your double-unders.

What if each day you showed up at the gym, I told you that you had to wear a different pair of shoes in various shapes and sizes. (that I randomly picked out for you) Then I told you that you had to run 400’s for time. I bet you would not be happy about that. Well, it’s the same deal with your jump rope.
Practicing with your own rope, creates consistency and sets you up to become successful. I highly recommend that you look into purchasing your own jump rope and having it properly sized for YOU.

There are a few variables to consider when choosing a rope.
1) Type of material and thickness- If you are just starting to develop double-unders, it is typically easier to learn with a thicker cable because the rope turns slower, allowing you to develop proper rhythm. As you become more proficient, moving to a thinner steel cable or wire speed rope will definitely help you increase your speed. Another consideration is the ball bearing mechanism in the handle. The ball bearings will make it it easier to spin the rope, but you will need to balance that with rope/cable diameter size so you don’t get a rope that is too fast when you are just starting out.

2) Fit- This is huge. Once you have your own rope, you can dial it in according to both your height and the WAY that you jump. Basically, rope can be measured in a static position as well as a dynamic position. The mechanics of your movement can affect the length you need in the rope. This link gives a great explanation on sizing:

3) Pricing- As with any purchase, price can be a factor. Depending on the style, a good jump rope for CrossFit can range from $10-$50.

So now that you are convinced that you need to buy your own rope, where do you shop? There are lots of places to find ropes, so I’ll narrow it down for you. But first you will need to take the information above and decide what type of rope you want to start with.

If you think you are ready for a speed rope with ball bearings, then take a look at the Again Faster Revolution Rope which is just $24.95. This rope is amazing and priced extremely well.

Rx Ropes give you a little flexibility because you can order them in different cable thicknesses and change the thickness as you improve. You can also customize your colors. But these run around $43.

If you aren’t sure and don’t want to spend too much cash yet, then I suggest getting your own Ultra Speed Rope for just $13.95. These are the same ones we have in the gym. But if you buy your own you can size it perfectly to your height and style. And you practice with the same exact rope all the time.

Please come and talk to any of your Coaches if you have questions about where to start. We are here to help!

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