Nutrition Corner: Post-Workout Shakes

This post was in our July 2014 newsletter, but I wanted to revisit it to make sure everyone understands the importance of post-workout nutrition.

Why do I need to drink a shake after I work out?
Here’s why-
When we workout, we are causing tissue damage and are depleting our liver and muscles of glycogen stores. These are both stressors on the body, which aren’t necessarily bad things since the body is then forced to adapt and change. This is how we get stronger, faster and leaner.
The objective of post-workout nutrition is to optimize recovery by replenishing glycogen stores and providing protein to begin tissue repair. This improves the results of your next workout, decreases hunger throughout your day, and improves body composition.
Yes– By consuming the proper calories right after your workout, you are HELPING your body fat percentage. You can actually cause weight gain by starving yourself of calories after training.
The two things you absolutely need after your workout are

1-Fast absorbing carbohydrate
2-Fast absorbing protein

So can’t I just go home and have dinner a few hours later? NO!!
We need to deliver the post exercise nutrients as quickly as possible and whole foods take too long to break down. You will miss your “window of opportunity” by waiting to eat solid foods. And once you actually eat them, it takes your body 2-3 hours to obtain the necessary nutrients anyways.
Enter liquid nutrition. If ingested immediately post workout, protein and carbs can reach the muscle around 30-60 minutes later! The faster they reach the muscle, the better your chances of building and repair.

One easy way to get both of these components is through a post-workout shake. As many of you know, we stock Progenex Recovery and More Muscle at CFWP. These products are great tasting and easy to drink right after a tough workout. They WILL help you recover faster.

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