CFWP Warm-Up:
200m run, then 1rd of:
5 Push-up to Inchworm
10 Spiderman (5sec hold per leg)
10 Hollow Rock
10 Superman
10 Shoulder Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Snatch Balance
(all w/ pvc)

1a) Push Press 3×4 @ 87%
1b) Barbell Row 3×8 (heavy)

4 sets
Ground to Overhead x 8 reps (Rx 115/75 Rx+ 135/95)
Sets 1&3: Snatch technique
Sets 2&4: Clean and Jerk technique
Rest exactly 2min between sets.
Note times per set and use the same weight for all sets even if you are scaling. You are trying to figure out the most efficient, yet fast way to move the barbell.

3min AMRAP
5 OHS (115/75)
10 DU
Rest 2min
3min AMRAP
5 Power Clean (135/95)
10 DU