Lifting Etiquette

We wanted to take a minute to go over a couple of important “rules” to follow while you are at the gym and around fellow members that are in the process of lifting. This mainly applies to the snatch and the clean & jerk, but can also be applied to other movements like squatting, pressing and deadlifting.

1. Never walk in front of someone when they are about to lift. When a lifter is about to start their movement, their eyesight is locked on a fixed location. Any movements that interfere with their eyesight can be very disruptive to the lifter.

2. Never walk behind a lifter. This is mainly a safety issue. Many lifts can be “failed” behind the lifter, therefore putting you in danger of getting hit by the bar or the person themselves as they fall to the ground.

3. Always use clips. This is another safety issue. Plates can fly off the end of the barbell and clip someone in the leg or make the bar bounce irregularly. In addition, it is better for the longevity of our plates to keep them securely fastened to the barbell.

4. Clean up all of your items. This should go without saying, but still needs to be addressed. Always clean up whatever area you are using. Put all equipment away including bumper plates, the little 2.5’s, clips, chalk buckets, etc. And always wipe your sweat or any other bodily fluids off the equipment and floor area that you were using.

5. Never chalk the bar. Chalk is for your hands and only your hands. Never ever rub the chalk directly into a barbell or even on the pull-up bars. And remember, chalk is supposed to be used lightly. A little goes a long way. If you are a heavy sweater, then you need to get some sort of wrist bands to prevent excess sweat from dripping down your arms onto your hands.

6. To sum it up: Always be aware of your surroundings in the gym. Look around for people lifting, squatting, jumping, running etc. and make sure you are not being a distraction which can cause injury to you and the other person. This is a courtesy to your fellow members and staff.

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