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Join the Lazy Macros Challenge


Join the Lazy Macros Challenge

Lazy Macros Challenge Starts September 14th, 2020

What is it?

This challenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition and focuses on ensuring a baseline level of fruits, veggies, and protein every day – – without weighing and measuring everything and without restricting anything! Hence, it’s “lazy” but still offers significant results.

It combines the #800gChallenge (eating 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and veggies each day) with a protein target. By setting a target on these underrepresented items in most diets, the overall quantity is reduced as well as a more even macronutrient balance is achieved.

In addition, points are awarded for working out AND achieving enough sleep – an important and overlooked aspect to one’s goals. Therefore, the Lazy Macros Challenge tackles the 4 major areas (diet quality, diet quantity, exercise, and sleep) that affect the goals most everyone wants: better body composition, performance, and overall health.


Starts Sept. 14th, 2020 and runs for 4-weeks.



  • Lazy Macros w/CrossFit – $150 – this includes two fundamentals classes that goes over all of the proper movements and exercises, 12 sessions in CrossFit (3x per week for 4-weeks), two InBody composition tests and the Lazy Macro guide.
  • Lazy Macros w/Boot Camp – $99 – this includes unlimited boot camp classes for 4-weeks, two InBody composition tests and the Lazy Macro guide.