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WP Daily Workout


Mobility: Thoracic Openers Midline/Stability: 4 sets 1) Copenhagen Plank x 30sec each 2) Chaos Paloff Press x 10 each way 3) Bear Position Shoulder Taps...
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Warm-up Strength: Shoulder Press 3×3 @85-90% Conditioning: Last done on 12/18/19 Choose Your Own Adventure RTT Complete in any order. Partitioned in any way. 1600m...
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Nasal Breathing Warm-up Flow: As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 8min of: 60sec Row/Bike/Ski 10 Elbow Plank to Push-up Transitions 10 Alternating Curtsy...
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Warm-up Strength: Sumo Deadlift 4×5 @21X2 Conditioning: Every Minute on the Minute x 20min 1- 6 Single Arm Devil’s Press (3ea)   2- 10 Single...
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Mobility: Hips Midline/Stability: 2 rounds of:30sec Plank Left15sec Rest30sec Plank Right15sec Rest30sec Banded Plank15sec Rest30sec Supine Plank15sec Rest Then, 3 sets Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carry...
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Warm-up Strength: Sumo Deadlift 4×5 @21X2 Conditioning: 500m Row Buy-in, then 3rds of: 30 Sit-ups 20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 15 Single Dumbbell Box Step Overs...
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Warm-up Strength: 3 sets Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps @3011 + 8 Unweighted Dynamic Jumping Bulgarian Squats Conditioning: Every Minute on the Minute x...
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