Mobility: Shoulders
Skill: Muscle-up skill work
4 sets :10-:20 Ring Support Hold
4 sets 5-15 swings Ring Swing Towel Drill (small range)
4 sets :10-:20 False Grip Hold

Workout of the Day
Option 1-
1000m Run
25 Russian Twists w/ slam ball
25 Leg Raises
25 Superman
750m Run
30sec R Arm Plank
30sec L Arm Plank
25 Tuck-ups
600m Run
25ft Seal Walk
25 Hollow Rocks
Max Effort Plank Hold

Option 2-
3-4rds NOT for time
4-5 Wall Climbs
3 TGU each
25ft Seal Walk
5 Roll to Candlestick
10 Strict Ring Pull-up
10 DB Bench Press
20 Banded Tricep Press Downs
10 BB Bicep Curls

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