200m run then 3rds of:
5 False Grip Ring Row
5 Glute Bridge @ 1115
6 Spiderman

Take 3min to establish a 2-RM Weighted Pull-up
(If you do not have a strict pull-up, note what level of scale you use. We will retest next month.)

Back Squat 8@65%, 6@75%, 4@85%, 4@90%

EMOM x 12
1) Strict Pull-up x 6-8 reps (As difficult as possible. Should not be unbroken reps. Add weight if needed)
2) Front Rack Lunges x 10 (From floor. Make this heavy. You can increase as you go.)
3) DU x 30-40 unbroken reps (If you don’t have DU’s, PRACTICE them. NO SINGLES)

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