Why You Don’t Need to Be in Shape to Start CrossFit

Are you curious about CrossFit, but feel like you need to get into better shape before giving it a try? Well, you are not alone in this belief, and we would like to explain why it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s like saying, “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.” Well that’s exactly WHY you should do yoga – to get more flexible. It’s the same with CrossFit. If you aren’t in shape now, then you SHOULD do CrossFit to get into shape!

IMG_3365CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. Some people have seen the annual CrossFit Games on ESPN and get intimidated by those athletes performing what seems to be superhuman movements and workouts. Those are professional athletes that have dedicated their lives to the sport! They are training 24/7 just like players in the NFL, NBA and MLB. The average CrossFitter does not fit this mold. CrossFit is an ALL-inclusive strength and conditioning program. Yes, there are elite athletes who participate, but the vast majority of CrossFitters just want to get and stay in shape in a fun atmosphere.

Hopefully this has changed your mind somewhat and you are now open to venturing out and finding a gym near you. Before you start your Google search, we have have a few tips and suggestions that will help you understand what to look for in a CrossFit box. It’s important to find the right fit because this is an exercise program that meets you where you are, and continues to grow with you as you achieve your goals.

First, Learn the Basics

At CrossFit Winter Park, we take you through our Fundamentals course before you start attending regular classes. Walking into a CrossFit class without knowing the basics can feel extremely overwhelming, so these classes exist to show you the ropes before you jump into the regular workouts. You will likely encounter new movement patterns and exercises that you may not have experience with, even if you are working out regularly. The Fundamentals course teaches safety and technique to establish confidence in the movements that will eventually become a part of your training routine. Our coaches break down each lift step by step and ease you into the regular classes only after you feel comfortable.

Coaching is Key No Matter How Experienced You Are

Once you begin attending regular classes, our coaches are there to provide appropriate modifications based on your ability level. Our coaches watch you intensively and make form corrections to continually improve your movements regardless of your level of fitness.

IMG_3369CrossFit is designed to prepare you for any general physical demands you might encounter in life. Unlike most sports, it’s broad, general and inclusive, which means you likely won’t specialize in just one lift or movement, but you will be proficient in a variety of lifts and movements. What makes it so challenging is that there is always a new skill to master or a weakness to work on regardless of your level. Our coaches are experienced in gymnastics, mobility, endurance training and olympic and powerlifting. Whether you’ve been in class for a few months and are looking for modification ideas, or you’re a seasoned CrossFitter looking to improve your muscle-up, our coaches are here to help you reach your goals.

Everyone Has Been in Your Shoes

When you first begin regular classes, know that it is normal to feel like a fish out of water, even if you attended the Fundamentals course. You may not be the fastest or strongest in class yet, but everyone has been in your shoes at some point. It will likely take a few months to truly get the hang of the programming, but like all things that require hard work and practice, the pay off is that much sweeter. If you put in the time you will absolutely see the results. The key is to not give up in those first few months where every movement feels difficult, because we promise you’re on the brink of seeing major improvements.

We’ve all struggled through our first double-under, pull up and hero WOD, and that is what makes CrossFit such a close-knit community. Everyone understands your pain and celebrates your accomplishments alongside you. So if you’re trying to get fit beforehand: stop doing it alone. Come join us at CrossFit Winter Park, because we can’t wait to cheer you through your first workout and show you how how much more you can accomplish in our amazing community.  

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