Member Profile: Josh Sees Major Results Since Joining CrossFit Winter Park

We are so proud of our member, Josh O’Neil, as he has made significant progress in his lifts, movements and, best of all, quality of life since becoming a member at CrossFit Winter Park. Learn more about Josh and what keeps him motivated below:

  • IMG_6078Where are you from? I grew up in Zambia (Central Africa) and attended a boarding school in South Africa. I moved to Orlando in 2014 after I graduated high school.
  • What is your occupation? I am currently a student at FullSail University in my third year. I’m studying Recording Arts and currently have my associate degree in Audio Engineering.
  • How long have you been a member at CFWP? I have been a member at CFWP since April 18, 2014. This was my first time doing CrossFit.
  • Why did you decide to join CFWP? I decided to join CFWP after shopping around and attending gyms like Planet Fitness. CFWP stood out, and I was mostly impressed at how the staff was willing to help me achieve my goals. (My mum kept pushing me to do it too).
  • What progress/results have you seen since becoming a member? Progress is definitely something that keeps me going, as I have lost about 40lbs. This keeps me motivated, but I have also seen and felt a significant shift in my attitude and energy level in my day to day activities and feel so refreshed and replenished after working out. My flexibility amazes me every day. I’m 6’7 and have no issues trying new movements — my hight is never an issue. Achieving PRs puts a smile on my face and keeps the competition strong between my friends friends at CFWP. When it comes to results, I have seen significant improvements and PRs, including: Deadlift 560, BackSquat 460, FrontSquat 335, Snatch 225, 500m Row 1:20, and many more. I understand that every day is not a PR day, and that it comes with hard work and dedication.
  • What is it about CFWP that has motivated you to achieve and keep working toward your goals? Definitely the people and the staff. They pull out all the stops to help and motivate me along this journey to reach my goals.
  • What are you current CrossFit goals?  To reach the body weight that I’m aiming for, to hit a 600lb deadlift by the end of the year and to maintain a happy and heathy lifestyle.
  • What do you enjoy most about CFWP? I enjoy the community. The people that are a part of this community is what makes it special.
  • Favorite lift/movement? Deadlifts and snatch.
  • Least favorite lift/movement? My least favorite would have to be the shoulder press.
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