Maintaining Your Fitness While Traveling

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It’s summertime and for some of us this means that our regular schedules might change a little bit and it may be difficult to keep the same workout routine. This could be due to kids being out of school and taking on other activities or maybe it means some vacation time will pull you out of the gym for a while.

Taking a break can definitely be a good thing at times, but many of you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice your gym time when these other things pop up. So here are some tips to keep you motivated and committed when your schedule get busy or you are on the road.

1) One great thing about CrossFit is dropping into other gyms in cities you visit. Most gyms will have a drop-in policy somewhere on their website and with over 10,000 affiliates around the world, I’m sure you can find one in almost any place you end up. Many of us at CFWP have worked out at numerous gyms across the country so don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation.

2) Hotel gyms- Not the most fun, but you can make it work if you have a plan. Just running on the treadmill for 30min is somewhat boring, so try some interval sprints mixed in with bodyweight movements like air squats, burpees, push-ups, and sit-ups. If you’ve got access to some dumbbells you can throw in some DB thrusters, shoulder press, L-seated press, goblet squats, DB squat cleans, and man maker push-ups.

3) Get outdoors and explore- Often times we get into a pattern of only going to the gym for exercise. Well, especially when visiting a new city going for a run, walk or hike is a great way to see some new sights, learn about a new place, and just get outdoors. Try to find a park with some monkey bars or other fun playground toys and work on your pull-ups or dips or even bar muscle-ups.

4) The Traveling WOD- If you aren’t comfortable making up your own workout, there’s actually a website designed for traveling CrossFitters. The Traveling WOD posts a daily WOD designed for people on the go. You can also just do a simple Google search for “CrossFit Travel WODs” and many will pop up.

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