Inaugural ForeverFit Program Begins!


Our first week of ForeverFit classes kicked off to a great start and we are super excited to see this program grow!

We are very excited to be offering ForeverFit, in a commitment to meet the needs and goals of those that are 55+. Our program will improve strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular capacity. By enhancing your ability to perform functional movements it will positively impact your health span AND lifespan, two very important metrics of health.

It’s never too late to start your health and wellness journey. No matter our age, life will be easier, and we will have more independence if we are able to pick things up, put them overhead, carry objects from point A to point B, squat down to sit in a chair, and get up off the floor without assistance.

With the overall goal of improved health in mind, we tailor our workouts for the “mature” athlete knowing that each of us may have our own unique limitations. All the workouts are scalable and modifiable for all levels and you do not have to have any “gym” experience to jump into our classes. We will guide you and coach you through each and every step.  

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am and are approximately 45-60min long. They consist of a warm-up, stretching, strength training, cardiovascular training, and a cool down.

If you are interested or want to learn more, email us at [email protected] or call 407-960-7960.

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