Happy Birthday CFWP- 10 YEARS!


Exactly TEN years ago today, we opened our doors for our very first workout at CrossFit Winter Park. Hitting the 10 year mark is a huge milestone for a CrossFit Affiliate and we couldn’t be more thankful and proud of what we have accomplished over the past decade.

It’s not just about the workout. CFWP is a mindset and a lifestyle that goes beyond the four walls of the gym. We look forward to many more years of sharing memories and providing a space for our members to excel in their fitness and overall health and wellness.

Our “official” 10 Year Anniversary Workout will be on Saturday 10/7. Hope to see you then!




Rope Climb Technique Review


Every Minute on the Minute x 20min

1- Rope Climbs x 1-3 reps

2- 10 Ball Slams + 10 Plank Burpees

3- Row, Bike, Ski x 60sec

4- Rest

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