TGU Build to a heavy set of 4 each arm.
If newer to this movement, use a KB, DB or even a small plate. If experienced, you may use a barbell.

Workout of the Day

Option 1-
5rds with a different core movement at the end of each round
400m Row
200m Run
50 Single-unders
25 Leg Raises, Russian Twists (25/15), Hollow Rock w/ pvc, Wolf Raises w/ ball (20/14), Single Leg Alt T2B

Option 2:
Skills 3-4rds NOT for time
2 Rope Climb
10 Parallette Pass Thru w/ push-up & dip
16 Alt Pistols
25ft HS Walk or 20 Shoulder Taps
20 L-sit Leg Lifts on Rings
10 Strict Wide Grip Pull-up
10 DB Tricep Extension
10 KB Bicep Curls

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