Today is a gymnastics strength and skill day.

Focus on your quality of movement and technique in both sections.



Every Minute on the Minute x 10min

1- Strict Supinated Grip Chest to Bar Pull-ups* x 5-8 reps

2- Strict Handstand Push-ups or L-seated Dumbbell Press x 5-8 reps

*Use a slightly wider grip to allow the chest to open and touch the bar for every rep. Use bands or rack rows to make this happen. Don’t cut the range of motion short by not touching the bar.


Every Minute on the Minute x 12min

1- Pull-ups, Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Bar Muscle-ups, or Ring Muscle-ups x 30-45sec

2- Row or Bike x 60sec for Max Calories

3- Rest


Spend some time stretching or rolling out your chest, lats and shoulders.

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