Bulgarians- The tempo is the priority. 3 seconds down, 1 second at bottom, 1 up, and 1 pause at top. 6sec per rep = 36sec of work. Only add weight if you can maintain the tempo. Hold dumbbells farmer’s style.

Every Minute on the Minute x 12min

1- Bulgarian Split Squats x 6 reps @3111 Left Leg

2- Plank on Rings x 30sec

3- Bulgarian Split Squats x 6 reps @3111 Right Leg

4- Deadbugs x 30-45sec with 2sec pause at each extension

Don’t let the knee come towards the chest on the leg that stays bent.


3rds for total reps

1min Max Reps Lungsters

Rest 30sec

1min Max Reps Devil’s Press

Rest 30sec

Rx 35/25

Rx+ 50/35

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