8/18/14 “Inversion”

We are taking a couple days this week to do a few of the workouts our members will see at The Crush Games this weekend in South Florida. Today we have “Inversion” and Wednesday we will go after the “Chip Away”. Amateur and Rx versions are options, but if you want to attempt the Rx version, you must be able to complete ALL movements and standards as prescribed.


200m run, then 3rds:

10 OHS w/ PVC, 10 hollow rock


Front Squat

6×70%, 6×75%, 6×80%, 4×85%, 3×90%, 6×75%


“Inversion Amateur” 7min time cap

21-18-15 Wall Ball Shots (14/20)

12-9-6 Snatch Complex  (65/95)

“Inversion Rx” 7min time cap

15-12-9 Hand Stand Push-ups

8-6-4 Snatch Complex (85/135)

*Complex is one snatch from ground + one snatch from hang position (power or full)

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