Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

Getting back to the snatch progressions today. You’ll work to a heavy single next week.

Every 90sec x 8 sets

Sets 1-4: 1 Snatch Pull + Snatch @80-85%

Sets 5-8: Snatch x 1.1 @85%+ Rest 10sec between singles

The snatch pull will be only to your knee – focusing on perfect weight distribution keeping your hips down and chest up on separation.


You’ve got a long one on Friday, so today’s focus is on strength & skill. Start on different stations to accommodate rope climbs and stay in the same order.

Every 90sec x 18min (3 sets) of:
Station 1 – Rope Climbs x 2-5 reps
Station 2 – Tempo Push-Ups x 15 reps* @1111
Station 3 – Front Rack Dumbbell Lunges x 16-20 reps/steps**
Station 4 – Side Plank Hold x 30 seconds each side

*This should take a full 60sec.

**Challenge yourself with these in terms of weight and/or style. You can choose to walk or stay in place.

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