Longer conditioning today. You’ve got some running combined with rounds of a Classic girl workout, Mary. The second option has the same running sets, with some different gymnastics’ options.

As Many Rounds and Reps in 25min of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Alternating Pistols

15 Pull-ups

[On the 0:00]: 200 Meter Run

[On the 5:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 10:00]: 600 Meter Run

[On the 15:00]: 800 Meter Run (2x400m)

[On the 20:00]: 1,000 Meter Run

Option 2-

9 Hand Release Push-ups

12 Alternating Dumbbell Lunges 35/25 Farmer’s Hold

15 Pull-ups


3 sets

Straight Arm Banded Lat Pull-downs x 20 reps Slow and controlled

Banded Overhead Triceps Extensions x 20 reps Slow and controlled

Alternating Single Leg V-ups x 20 + 30sec Hollow Hold

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