Warm-up: 200m Run then 3rds of:

6 ½ Kneeling Dumbbell Press @2111

6 Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

6 Paloff Press

30sec Copenhagen Plank each leg

Strength: 3 sets

Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 @2111 followed by 30sec static hold at bottom, no weight

Rest 45sec and switch legs

Rest 60sec

Banded Plank Hold x 45-60sec


Every Minute on the Minute x 16min

1- Single Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk x 8-10 reps

2- Single Dumbbell Reverse Alternating Lunges x 10-12 reps

3- Bike 12/8 Cals

4- Rest

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