Ankles & Hips

EMOM x 9
1) Inverted Burpee x 4-6 (hold for 3sec)
2) Single Leg RDL x 5 each leg
3) Dead Bug x 12-16 (hold for 1sec)

T2B or Bar Muscle-ups

2-person team.
Partner A runs/rows, while B is in static hold.
A must TAG B, then they switch.
200m Run/Row + HS hold against wall
200m Run/Row + Plank on elbow hold
200m Run/Row + Wall Sit
200m Run/Row + Dead Hang hold from rig
200m Run/Row + Bottom of squat hold

*Accumulate # of breaks in hold, and at end, perform 5 burpee per break (as a team)

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