Mobility: Quad Rollout and Barbell Smash

Midline/Stability: 3 sets

Copenhagen Plank x 30-45sec Left leg

Kettlebell Suitcase/Waiters Carry* x 80ft each arm

Copenhagen Plank x 30-45sec Right leg

Ring Dip/Core Complex: 3 reps of: 5sec Lockout Hold + 5sec Lowering/Negative

*Heavier kettlebell in lower hand, slightly lighter in upper hand. Knuckles point towards ceiling.  

**Put the rings at a height where you can stay in hollow body position throughout the hole rep. 10sec per rep x 3 reps = 30sec of “work”. Modify to foot assisted.


Every Minute on the Minute x 20min

1- Rope Climb x 1-3 reps

2- 15-20 Russian Kettlebell Swings + Hollow Hold up to 45sec

3- 5-10 Ring Push-ups + Plank Hold up to 45sec

4- Row, Bike, Ski, or Run x 60sec

5- Rest

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