Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

Every 2min x 16min (8 sets):

Clean Lift Off + Clean + Jerk Dip + Jerk
Sets 1-4: 2 reps
Sets 5-8: 1 rep


The sets of 10 and 8 should be done unbroken. The set of 6 will feel pretty heavy, but try to hold onto that barbell for all 6 reps. The set of 4 will feel a bit heavy as fatigue sets in so you may have to drop and reset. Remember that you must start each rep from the hang position. It is not one movement from the ground. Deadlift the barb to your hips, then go into the hang position to begin the rep. And be sure to fully stand up and lock out those hips before recycling the barbell back down for subsequent reps.

10 Hang Squat Clean @55% of 1RM Clean

400m Run

8 Hang Squat Clean @60%

400m Run

6 Hang Squat Clean @65%

400m Run

4 Hang Squat Clean @70%

400m Run

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