Barbell Warm-up for both power snatch and power clean and jerk/press

Barbell Cycling:

Every 45sec x 10 sets 5 Ground to Overhead unbroken, touch-n-go reps

When you see “ground to overhead”, it means that you can choose the technique that works best for you. Typically, this means a power snatch or a power clean and jerk/press. The decision usually centers around the prescribed weight on the barbell. A power snatch is usually quicker because it’s one motion, but it can be more fatiguing as the weight gets heavier. The power clean and jerk/press technique might be a little slower, but it may be less fatiguing which over the course of a workout with other movements might help in the long run. Today, I want you to try both. Alternate sets by using snatch technique first, then power clean and jerk/press for the next one. They must be unbroken, touch and go reps. Pick a weight you can handle, unbroken, for all 10 sets with both techniques. Looking for speed and efficient movement/technique while noticing the difference in power snatch vs power clean and jerk/press. Weight should not exceed 95 for men and 65 for ladies- suggested 75-95 for men and 45-65 for ladies.


Every Minute of the Minute x 15 minutes

1) Pull-ups or Chest to Bar Pull-ups x 12-15 reps or Ring/Bar Muscle-ups x 5-7 reps

2) 6 Front Squat + 3 Push Press

3) Double-unders x 45sec


Take time to stretch or roll out any tight areas

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