Warm-up: 200m Run then 3rds of:

6 Alternating Curtsy Squats

6 Med Ball Clean with slam ball

20sec Supinated Grip Chin Over Bar Hold (stay in hollow body position)


4 sets  

1a) Front Rack Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats x 6 each leg @3111 Rest 45sec between legs 

1b) Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Row x 6 each arm @3111

*Don’t run away from the tempo!! @3111 means 6 seconds per rep x 6 reps = 36 seconds per leg/arm! 


These are sprints. Go hard and push the intensity. Each set should take 2min or less. You may need to share an Assault Bike so I’m not too worried about 60-120sec rest as long as you are pushing the intensity each set.

6 sets

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

10 Ball Slams 25/15

8 Jumping Lunges or 8 Alternating Pistols

Rest 1-2min


Spend 3-5min in couch stretch (quads) and thoracic bench openers

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