No Rx today and the conditioning piece is before the strength finisher. Use the time to work on your individual needs. For example, if 20 unbroken wall walls are difficult at 20/14lbs, then use a light ball 14/10 and go unbroken to a 10ft target. Or on the flip side, if 20 reps is easy, use a heavier ball OR go to an 11ft target.

Every Minute on the Minute x 20min

1- 20 Wall Balls

2- 4-8 Ring or Bar Muscle-ups

3- 15/10 Calorie Bike or 200m Run

4- Rest


Every Minute on the Minute x 10min

1- Strict Supinated Grip Chest to Bar Pull-ups* x 5-8 reps

2- Ring Dips x 5-8 reps

*Use a slightly wider grip that will allow you to open up your chest. You must make full contact with the bar, so adjust with bands or rack rows to allow for the full range of motion. If you are inches away, you are not getting the proper stimulus.

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