11/5/14 Lurong Challenge WOD 8

Today’s WOD is a retest from Sept. 24th. We have a few members participating in the Lurong Paleo Challenge and this is their last week. They will actually be repeating 3 WODs to see their improvements, but this is the only one we will do as a group. So if you have been tracking your own workouts, refer back to 9/24 and see how you do this time around.


200m run, then 3rds of:

6 BB front rack step-ups, 6 push-up to spiderman, 6 BB bent over row

Lurong WOD 8 Capacity Retest

13 Minute AMRAP

10 minutes of work time with 3 minutes of built in rest time. The athlete’s score is the total number of reps completed.

  • 4 Minutes of Max Calorie Row
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 3 Minutes of Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 2 Minutes of Back Squats (165/115 or 115/80) From the ground.
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute of Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 or 95/65) From the ground.


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