Strength: 1RM Strict Press

EMOM x 8min

Strict Press x 1 rep @ 55/65/70/75/80/85/90/95%

Then rest 2min before starting:

Every 2min x 6min (3sets)

Strict Press x 1 rep @ 101-105%


For total time


5 Hang power snatch @75% of 1RM HPS

5 STRICT Pull-up (Rx+ L-pull up)

Rest exactly 2min, then:


5 OHS (same weight as above)

6 HSPU (Rx+ Strict)

7 Pull-up (Rx+ C2B)

*Please remember- if you are using a band for pull-ups, you should NOT be kipping. Ever.

*Spend remaining time working on mobility. Get ready for tomorrow’s 1RM back squat

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