5rds of 30sec HS hold on wall/30sec rest (only heels touching the wall)

Skills: EMOM x 12min

a) Ring dip x 8-10reps (Scale to box or parallette. No more than a red band on rings)

b) Rope climb x 3reps

c) Alternating pistols x 12reps

d) False grip ring pull-up x 5-6reps (scale to ring row, no bands)


2-person team

Run 200m—hold top of deadlift (135/95)

Run 200m—hold bar locked out overhead (135/95)

Run 200m—hang from rig

Run 200m—wall sit

Run 200m—plank on elbows

*every break in static hold results in 5 burpees per partner to be done all together, after last run. Time is called at completion of burpees.

Use any remaining time to work on mobility/stretching/recovery