Superbowl Saturday at CFWP

54- Superbowl 54

35-24 AFC Championship Game Score

37-20 NFC Championship Game Score

12-4 Chiefs Regular Season Record

13-3 49ers Regular Season Record

56 Million Dollars for a 30sec ad spot

2020- The year

2rds for February 2nd

2 person team. Split reps evenly. One pair of dumbbells, one kettlebell, one medicine ball, one slam ball per team

54 Wall Ball with partner in a plank


35 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch

24 Burpees


37 Med Ball Clean

20 Kettlebell Swings (American)


12 Med Ball Hanging Knee Raise

4 Devil’s Press


13 Deck Squats

3 Man Makers

56 Ball Slam with partner in a wall sit

*As a team, throughout the workout accumulate 2020m of running, rowing or skiing or a combo of all.

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