Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

This is a little bit of a deload/back off week. You only have one rep per minute, so I want them to be very solid mechanically. Each rep should look the same, no degradation of form as you get tired. Keep the same weight for all sets. Take a look at what your 70% looks like and if you think you can maintain the standards above then go with that weight. If not, a lower percentage is totally fine.

Every Minute on the Minute x 10min: Clean + Jerk x 1 rep


“Sprintervals” These should be fast, unbroken sprint efforts. Two person team. You-go-I-go on rounds. Please use one barbell per team and change weights if necessary. Both teammates must complete it as Rx or Rx+ in order to click that button. No bands on pull-ups today in order to keep the “sprint” stimulus. Use rack rows, ring rows, or jumping pull-ups.

As Many Rounds and Peps as Possible in 12 of:

3 Power Cleans

5 Pull-ups

7 Lateral Burpees Over the Barbell

Rx 115/75

Rx+ 135/95 and Chest to Bar Pull-ups

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