Pray for Orlando Tribute Workout

This is our own, CFWP tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting. Two person team. 12 movements x 49 reps for the victims. Split each movement into 24/25 reps per person. Run togetherĀ holding a band.


200m Run then 2rds of:

3 1 Ā¼ Front Squat

4 Push-up to Spiderman

5 Ring Row


Front Squat

6×65%, 6×70%, 4×75%, 4×80%

Workout of the Day:

49 Russian KBS (53/35)

49 HR Push-up

49 Goblet Squat (53/35)

49 Pull-up

49 Wall Ball (20/14)

49 Partner Ball Slam Sit-ups 

49 Ball Slam (25/15)

49 Lunges Holding Wall Ball

49 Burpee

49m OH KB Walk L Arm

49m OH KB Walk R Arm

490m Run holding band

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