Power Clean & Jerk


Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

Every 2min x 16min Build to a

1RM Power Clean + Jerk

Have a plan for your sets and write it out ahead of time.

Suggested loading: 2-3×70, 2×75, 1×80, 1×85, 1×90, 1×95, 1×101+,1×101+%

Bodyweight Strength:

These should be as difficult as possible. They do not have to be unbroken sets.

Every Minute on the Minute x 10min

1- Strict Supinated Grip Chest to Bar Pull-ups* x 5-7 reps

2- Strict Handstand Push-ups x 5-7 reps

*Modify with rack or a band. But make sure your chest is in FULL CONTACT with the bar on each rep. Use a slightly wider grip to open up your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades.

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