Every 2min x 12min

Jerk Dip + Split Jerk x 2 reps with a 2sec pause in receiving position on each split jerk

You will perform 1 Jerk Dip, then 1 Split Jerk with a 2sec pause, then 1 more Split Jerk with a 2sec pause


2-person team (since it’s Valentine’s Day)

30min Time Cap. We’ve done this as a solo workout in the past, as well as a team.

“Kelen” Karen + Helen

Split reps evenly. Partition in any fashion. One person working at a time, except for runs- those are together.

150 Wall Balls 20/14 to 10ft and 9ft

1200m Run

63 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

36 Pull-ups

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