Barbell Warm-up


Every 2min x 12min

Overhead Squat

Sets 1-3: 4 reps

Sets 4-6: 3 reps


Every year at the end of October we complete the workout, Grace. This workout is typically associated with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Feel free to wear your pink!


30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

Notes for Grace:
4min Time Cap (same as last year)
It’s important to understand the stimulus of this workout. It’s meant to be a fast, all-out sprint.
Do not get caught up in the “Rx” weights and pick something that you can:
1) Move well with good technique.
2) Move efficiently. If technique is good, then you work on speeding things up while STILL maintaining proper mechanics. (No rounded backs, proper jerks)
3) If the standards above are met, then increase speed and intensity
Also remember it’s a JERK- not a push press. There is a difference, and it matters.


Couple options depending on how you feel.

– Take 10min to either stretch and/or cool down with a jog, bike, row etc..

– 3 sets of:
20 Single Leg Alternating V-Ups
20 Pike Overs
20 Flutter Kicks (each leg)
Rest 60sec

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