Chris Grabill’s Journey to Healthy and Fit at CrossFit Winter Park

Since starting CrossFit two years ago, Chris has seen serious results. While Chris’s goal has always been to get more in shape and lose weight as a result, it wasn’t until he joined CrossFit Winter Park and changed his diet that he finally saw both results come true. Learn more about Chris’s journey below:


  • Where are you from?
    • I’m originally from Boynton Beach, FL, but moved to Orlando in 2004 to go to UCF.
  • What is your occupation?
    • I am a student at UCF studying to get my Ph.D. in Chemistry. Once I graduate, I’d love to do cutting edge research for a well-known company in the industry.
  • What was your journey to CFWP?
    • I’ve been at CFWP for just over a year. I visited a different CrossFit gym while on vacation with my family and really enjoyed it. I love a challenge, and CrossFit proved to be the most physically challenging thing I have ever done. After some convincing from my now fiance, Stefanie, I decided to try it in Orlando, and have been hooked ever since.
  • What were your goals when you first started at CFWP and how have they evolved?
    • My goal from the beginning was to lose weight and get more fit. Initially, I did not lose weight, and actually gained some weight. While some of that was likely muscle, my nutrition was not dialed in. About 6 months ago I decided to try to Lurong Challenge that others at CFWP participated in and I saw huge results. Combining a clean diet with the programming at CFWP allowed me to achieve the results I’m most proud of — losing 30 pounds. My goal now is to be a strong competitor in the RX division of  local competitions. I’ve competed in 5 local competitions so far and am looking to compete in more in the future.
  • What is it about CFWP that keeps you coming back?
    • I love the programming. It’s always varied, challenging and never boring. The people and community I’ve found at CFWP also keeps me coming back.
  • Favorite lift/movement?
    • The Snatch is my favorite and least favorite movements all in one. When I first started CrossFit, I couldn’t physically perform an overhead squat because I didn’t have the mobility, and now I can snatch 200 pounds.
  • Least favorite lift?
    • Handstand Pushups. They’ve gotten easier, but they’re still not fun.
  • Interesting fact about you?
    • I am a man of many nicknames including Grabill, Grabill kid, Gerbil, Gerber, Shockey, Hochuli, Show, and Eric. Those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.