Thoracic Openers


Work for a total of 40sec each minute so you have time to transition to the next movement.

Every Minute on the Minute x 12min

1- Copenhagen Side Plank R

2- Kettlebell Suitcase-Waiters Carry

3- Copenhagen Side Plank L

4- Kettlebell Suitcase-Waiters Carry

*Heavier kettlebell in lower hand, slightly lighter bell in overhead hand. Knuckles point up to the ceiling.


As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 16min of:

300m Run, Row, Ski

10 Ball Slam Burpees

20 Walking Lunges with ball

20 Straight Leg Raises holding ball in press

10 Med Ball Clean with slam ball

20 Russian Twists with slam ball

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