Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

Today’s focus is on solid technique and dialing in your positions. Do not go too heavy and struggle through reps. AVOID PRESSING OUT. Go lighter and get rid of it.

Start with the high hang and go into the mid hang without dropping. You can quickly reset on the floor before the “floor” rep.

Every 90sec x 8 sets

3-Position Power Snatch

High Hang, Mid-Thigh Hang, Floor


Every Minute on the Minute for as Long as Possible:

1 Clean and Jerk

1 Burpee

*Every minute, add one burpee.

Score is your last completed round within the minute.

Rx 155/105

– Make your burpees legit. Your chest and thighs must touch the ground and you’ll finish with a jump with full hip and knee extension with arms touching overhead.

– Clean and Jerk should be light enough for a power clean and push jerk. If you’re having to squat clean or split jerk it’s too heavy.

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