4 sets

Tempo Push-ups @1111* x 15 reps immediately followed by 20 Banded Triceps Press Downs

Rest 30sec

Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups** x 6 reps immediately followed by 20 Seated Banded Rows

Rest 60sec

*If done unbroken, this is 60sec of work. You can break any time to rest so that you can continue to hold the tempo. Modify to rack or box push-ups to get full range of motion. No knees.

**Your chest must fully touch the bar. Use a band or a rack modification to make this happen on every rep. Use a wider grip to open up your chest.


No Rx today. Pick weights and movements that work for you.

Every Minute on the Minute x 16min

1- Rope Climbs or Legless Rope Climbs x 1-3 reps

2- Alternating Dumbbell Snatch x 20 reps

3- Double Dumbbell Box Step-overs x 15 reps

4- Renegade Row* x 10 reps

*Row, push-up, row, row, push-up, row (NOT row, push-up, row, push-up, row, push-up)

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