Today you’ve got more pushing and pulling strength in 2 separate sections. Everyone starts on the dumbbell bench and follows the progression. Work in a Congo line if you need share benches so that you stay in the order as prescribed.

1) 3 sets of:
Dumbbell Bench Press x 5 reps @21X1
Rest 20sec
Tempo Push-Ups x 10 reps @1111
Rest 20sec
Banded Triceps Pushdowns x 20 reps @10X0
Rest 90sec between sets

2) 3 sets of:

Strict Pull-ups x 5 reps

Rest 20sec

Alternating Bicep Hammer Curls x 16 reps (total)

Rest 20sec

Banded PVC Lat Pull Downs x 20 reps @10X0

Rest 90sec between sets


Murph Prep.

If you think the mile run will take you longer than 10min, adjust to a shorter distance and cap the run at 10min.

As Many Rounds and Reps of Air Squats and Push-ups  as Possible in 12min of:

Buy-in, Run 1 Mile


25 Air Squats

20 Push-ups

*Focus on your form and make sure you are getting full range of motion while meeting or exceeding the movements standards. Do not cheat the ranges to go faster.

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