4/1/24 “DT”


Barbell Warm-up

Olympic Lifting:

Every Minute on the Minute x 3min 2 Mid-Thigh Power Clean + 1 Jerk @60-65%

Rest 1min

Every Minute on the Minute x 3min Mid-Thigh Power Clean + Jerk @65-70%

Rest 1min

Every Minute on the Minute x 3min 2in Below Knee Power Clean *+ Jerk @70-75%

*Deadlift the bar up to waist, then lower past the high-hang and mid-hang until the bar gets to 2in below knee and begin the power clean from there.


The stimulus for this workout leans more to the side of speed and less to the side of weight/load. Many of the sets should be able to be done mostly unbroken, except for a very short break between movements. The first rounds “should” be under 2min each with an expected drop off in the later rounds. As always with a Hero workout, be very conscious of your standards and range of motion. Remember, these must be push jerks.
Time Cap 11min

Last Done 10/14/22



12 Deadlifts 155/105

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

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