Barbell Warm-up

Barbell Cycling:

4 sets max reps of:
30sec Hang Power Snatch
Rest 30sec
When the running clock reaches 6:00…
4 sets max reps of:
15sec of Hang Power Snatch
Rest 30sec


Similar to last week,no Rx or scoring today. Time to practice some skills.

Every Minute on the Minute x 15 minutes

1) Pull-ups or Chest to Bar Pull-ups x 8-12 reps or Ring/Bar Muscle-ups x 3-5 reps

2) Hang Squat Cleans x 6 reps

3) Strict Handstand Push-ups, L-seated Dumbbell Press, or Tempo Push-ups @1111 x 5-10 reps


Take time to stretch or roll out any tight areas

Suggested: 2-3 sets Couch Stretch and Box/Bench Shoulder Stretch

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