12/30/23 New Years “Eva” Workout


New Year’s “Eva” or Partner Eva

This is a very long and high-volume workout. Your #1 priority is safety, so please choose a version or modification that works for you.

There are many ways to change it around. Here are a few ideas:

-You can complete it with a partner and do half the reps and split the runs.

-You can do half the workout yourself- 400m Run, 15 KBS, 15PU.

-You can time cap yourself at 20-30min.

The 800m Run = 2x400M Run

Hand care- This workout can tear up your hands. If you don’t have gymnastics grips, remember that we have single use WodnDone grips in the office for $2. If you bleed on the rig and kettlebell, do not use the rags. Ask your coach for peroxide and paper towels. Time Cap 50min



800m Run

30 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

30 Pull-Ups

Partner Eva


800m Run

30 Kettlebell Swings(70/53)

30 Pull-Ups

Runs are 400m relay.

Split reps evenly 15/15.

One person working at a time.

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