Today’s primary focus is on the back squat. If you are experienced and have been following this cycle, then it’s time to find a new max. Remember that going heavy on a squat is very taxing on the central nervous system. So, pay attention to how you feel and adjust your effort on the conditioning accordingly. If you are a newer member, then your focus is on form and technique, NOT load. Work with your coach on an appropriate set and rep scheme and do not focus on hitting a heavy single.



Take 20min to Build to 1RM Back Squat

Suggested loading:

3×70% 2×75% 1×80% 1×85% 1×90% 1×95%1×101+% 1×101+%


“49 and Holding”

4rds for time

4 Shoulder to Overhead

9 Front Squats

49 Double-unders

Rx 95/65 Rx+ 135/95


Take time to flush out the legs with a light row, bike, jog, ski or a combo.

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