Build to today’s 2RM Tempo Front Squat @33X1 (last week was a 3RM)

Every 2:30 x 5 sets

2 Tempo Front Squats @33X1

50 Deadlifts
35 Front Squats
20 Hang Power Cleans

Time Cap 20min

Rx 155/105
*Partition the reps and movements however you want. If you drop the barbell to the ground, then you must go on a 400m run. Switching from movement to movement does not count as a break, but dropping the barbell to the ground does. The only places you can rest are in the hang position and in the front rack position, not on your back. If you go from the hang clean or front squat to a deadlift it must be touch and go. You cannot let the barbell, pause or stop to regrip.

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