Today is a strength day. You’ve got plenty of conditioning days this week, especially with the Thanksgiving Chipper. So, use today to focus on quality reps and push yourself with the weights.

Midline/Stability Warm-up:

Every Minute on the Minute x 6min Work for 30sec, rest for 30sec

1- Ring Support Hold

2- Nose to Wall or Back to Wall Handstand Hold

3- Hollow Hold


Every 2min x 6min

Shoulder Press

3×4 @80-85%

You can increase across the 3 sets

Full Body Strength:

Every 90sec x 18min (3 sets)

1- 30sec Bat Wing Hold + 10 Supinated-Grip Bent-Over Rows @2010

2- Banded Triceps Press Downs x 20 reps @20X0

3- Box Step-Ups with Farmer’s Carry* x 16-20 reps

4- Side Plank

*Most people will use 20in box or lower

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