Gymnastics Skills:

For the next few Tuesdays, you’ll be working on these 3 skills. It’s important that you take note and remember how many reps you get in the 60sec test of each movement. If you do not have strict handstand push-ups, pick a variation that gets you at least 15 reps.

Complete as many reps possible in 60sec of each movement:
Strict Handstand Push-ups
Rest 60sec
Weighted, Drag, or Regular Rope Double-unders (no singles allowed, practice Dubs!)
Rest 60sec
Toes to Bar

Rest 2min, followed by…

Every Minute On the Minute x 12min (4 sets):
Station 1: Strict Handstand Push Ups x 30% of Max Reps
Station 2: Double-under Variation x 50% of Max Reps
Station 3: Toes to Bar x 30% of Max Reps


Last Done 1/4/22

*Set monitors for “intervals time” with 60sec work, 60sec rest. When done, look back at “memory” to see your 5 sets broken down. These are all out sprints. Go hard and push yourself. If you have to share an erg, set it for 1min intervals and reset it each time you start. Take note of your times.

5 sets for Total Meters

60sec of Rowing  for Meters

Rest 60sec

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