15min to build to today’s 2RM Tempo Back Squat @ 32X1
*Same tempo as last week, but your goal should be to go 4-5% heavier this week.

The time to fix technique errors is at the beginning of a cycle when weights are lighter. So, the tempo is your primary focus NOT load. Assuming no injury/limitation, if you can air squat below parallel, then you can do it with a barbell on your back. But stop adding weight if you don’t hit the full range of motion.


Optimus Prime (CompTrain) Last Done 11/21/22

As Many Reps as Possible of Wall Balls in 7 Minutes.

(20/14 to 10ft)

On the Minute- 5 Deadlifts

Rx+ 225/155 Rx 185/135

Start with Wall Balls. Score is number of Wall Balls

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