Levels Podcast: Member Story- From Professional Athlete to CrossFit Coach: Achieving Optimal Health Through Consistency and Nutrition | Stephanie Nickitas & Mike Haney


In this episode, Levels Editorial Director, Mike Haney, speaks with Stephanie Nickitas, a former professional tennis player and Owner of CrossFit Winter Park, about her journey to achieving optimal health through consistency and nutrition. Stephanie shares her insights on the importance of consistency, mechanics, and intensity in CrossFit, and how focusing on her metabolic health has helped her achieve her health goals.

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Stephanie was also featured on a previous Levels blog post HERE.

Levels helps you see how food affects your health, empowering you with the tools needed to achieve health goals and improve healthspan. Levels Members gain access to the Levels app and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), providing real-time feedback on how diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health.

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