Whey vs. Collagen

An Intro to Collagen Protein vs. Whey Protein

We get this question often:

“What’s the difference between collagen and whey?”

And then it’s usually followed up with:

  • I take whey protein, why do I need collagen too?
  • If I take whey, should I stop and switch to collagen?
  • If I take both will they, like, mess each other up?

Whey protein has been commercialized since the 70s (it was actually discovered thousands of years ago. We all know of whey, and because you’re reading this you’re probably taking whey currently. Whey’s benefits are well documented in nearly every science journal and fitness/nutrition blog known to man.

But, here comes Collagen, the new supplement on the block. Yes, it’s protein. But what kind of protein? Do we treat it the same as whey? Isn’t whey protein a do-it-all protein? Do we really need another supplement container sitting in our cabinet?

Check out the link below with a full breakdown from CB Supplements and Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD on Whey vs. Collagen:


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